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Currently's Great Loop Route
The Great Loop is a loosely defined route that encompasses several different options and a few possible side trips. Boaters can start anywhere on the loop, but for weather reasons, people generally winter in the south in Florida along the Gulf coast ICW and the Okeechobee Canal. 

In the spring, they head up the Atlantic through the ICW canal and the Chesapeake Bay and finally up the Jersey shore and Hudson rivers. 

Then, in the Summer, they head across to the Great Lakes via the Eerie Canal or Trent Severn canal, and then across Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.

In the fall, they they take the Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee rivers to the TennTom canal, and then wind through the Tom Bigbee rivers and a variety of others toward Mobile Bay. and the coast. 

Currently took a couple of side trips. Our home at Chattanooga put us on the Tennessee for 500 extra miles. We went down to the Florida Keys, and up to Lake Champlain and Montreal. We also took the Rideau canal, perhaps the best part of our trip. These maps represent Currently's actual route, recorded by a GPS chip on board. 

All in all, we travelled around 6,700 miles over about 1,100 marine hours and nine months. We cut short our time in Alabama and Florida panhandle to spend more time with our kids.  We spent less time on the Atlantic ICW to spend more time in Canada, allowing for our side trips to Montreal and Ottawa. 

The book Currently Away has more details, but these are the highlights. 

Island Cove Marina


Currently's pretrip in Currently Away to see the sandhill Cranes

Chickamauga Lock

2014 Ranger Tug R29s

Tennessee to TennTom Canal

Currently's route on the Tennessee River in the book Currently Away

Chattanooga to Gulf of Mexico

Currently's route down the TennTom in Currently Away

Mobile Bay

Currently's route through Mobile Bay in Currently Away

Wilson Dam

Currently stays overnight in the Wilson Lock aux chamber

Lower Cooks Bend, TennTom

Currently's anchorage on the TennTom in Currently Away, Lower Cook's Anchorage

Florida Panhandle

Currently's Great Loop route through the Florida Panhandle in Currently Away

Florida West and East Costs

Currently's Great Loop route through the Florida Gulf crossing in Currently Away

Gulf Crossing at Dog Island

ICW at Gulf Shores

Currently's crossing from Appalachicola in Currently Away

Florida Gulf Crossing

Everglades, Russell Pass

Florida Everglades, Little Shark

Marco Island, Smokehouse Bay

Atlantic Coast

New Jersey Coast

Champlain, Montreal, Riddeau

Trent-Severn Waterway, Georgian Bay, North Channel

The Rideau Below Ottawa

The Rideau Historical Canal
The Trent Severn into Georgian Bay via Midland

Midland in Georgian Bay

North Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay North Channel

Hangdog Channel

Currently's route through Hang Dog Channel

East Georgian Bay

Currently's route through Georgian Bay North of Wani Bay

Trent Severn

Currently's route through the Trent Severn

North Channel to Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan and Inland Rivers

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