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Currently Quarantine

Well that virus finally got us. 2 years, 8 vaccinations (4 each) and 4000 miles into our trip, Bruce tested positive for Covid a few days ago. He's felt feverish for a few days is now on day 5, no fever for 3 days but he has a little cough. So far, I continue to test negative.

Quarantine on a small boat is weird. We share a tiny bathroom and a tiny space so at this point I'm either going to get it or not (please not). We keep the windows open, sleep in separate areas and stay away from people we are traveling with. Bruce stays on the boat, wears a mask in the lock as we travel. I got off the boat to take a walk along a lovely path of black eyed Susans and wildflowers today.

After a hard week - losing the dog - and now isolation with Covid, I'm homesick. Not the kind of homesick that actually going back to Chattanooga will cure, but the kind I feel when I miss my parents who died many years ago. I think it's a heavenly longing for when all things will be made new. No more sickness, no more death, full community and full communion. 2000 miles away from home and at the top of the map in Canada, home, in all is meaning, feels far far away.

I am very grateful we've been surrounded by loving friends and community here in Canada. We've been traveling with a buddy boat - Arion - and they have been so kind and gracious - especially not leaving us in their wake after Bruce tested positive!! Their presence has been comforting. Another boat, Meridian, brought over a bouquet after Emmy died. We have had countless boaters we've met along the way text and check in on how we are doing and offering help. And I got to meet an Instagram friend and her family in real life as they begin their boating journey. Beautiful Community. I'm grateful.

And yet 2000 miles to go.

Many adventures to come.

But grateful the days keep moving along towards home.

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Stephen Garrison
Stephen Garrison
Jul 15, 2022

We too are sorry about Emmy, but delighted that Bruce has come through the hard part of COVID. Keep on trucking’! You are building memories for the rest of your life.


Jul 15, 2022

We are so sorry to hear about Emmy, Loosing a pet/family companion is always a tough one to handle, and now with the COVID shall be in our thoughts and prayers. Bill (the capt) and Shirley (the admiral).

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