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I love the wide open space of the coastal plain in Texas. Every time we'd travel there from the hill country in Austin I could feel myself relax, breath deeply and just let something go. It was a noticeable shift each time we traveled there.

Two years of pandemic and politics left me physically and emotionally bound up. Tight. I knew this, but I didn't know the extent of it until we got to Miami. Walking around Coconut Grove, I felt the tightness relax. To be in the midst of thriving energy, vitality, and vibrance was such a welcome relief from the constraints of the past few years. Miami was the first large city we reached on this trip. I loved our time there. The nearby grocery store was amazing. The Dinner Key marina was lovely and in the heart of Coconut Grove. Restaurants were delicious and plentiful. Fish tacos every day.

This was the first stop when I felt the trip change me. I felt an expansion - an arms flung wide open and a depth of receiving that had closed off when we moved to Chattanooga. One of the most wonderful benefits of traveling has been to just practice curiosity with people we meet. It costs me nothing to be curious and hear their story and their experience. I don't 'have to change minds, I get to listen. What a privilege. But it's not always easy - like the 30 min convo with the Alex Jones promoting Canadian. That one was hard to find some common ground and I eventually bowed out of gracefully - with a rescue from Bruce.

It's interesting - the ebb and flow of openness I've experienced on the journey. I find myself now, about 45 days from home, pulling in again. I don't know if it's the losses of Bruce's brother, our dog and two rounds of covid. I don't know if it is the gathering of all the experiences and now I feel full. Could it be the proximity of the river systems that feel familiar with not as much to learn? Whatever it is, there is a larger desire to be rooted. To live smaller, to live deeper. I feel all the feels about returning home - I am tired. I feel sad that the this journey coming to a close. I look forward to the comfort of familiar places and people. I am excited about being near dear family and friends again and curious about what's changed in me and at home. I miss our dog and I can't wait to stretch out on our couch. After we settle in, come join me for some tea or coffee and let's get to know each other again.

See y'all soon.

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Sep 03, 2022

So beautifully written!!!


Patricia Diviney
Sep 02, 2022

Finally, what I call the “minute” of a journey where reflection of the trip is most perfect. Knowing you are getting close to home yet regretting you are going to arrive. Both of you have accomplished and lived through so much, I envy you. We can’t wait to see you here. I walk by your house everyday and miss you. Stay safe.

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