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Saying Goodbye

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Oh our friends showed up in a big way for us these last few weeks. From masked gatherings to zoom prayers to packing boxes and loading the boat, it was a whirl wind of love. Community is everything to us and ours has launched us well. I am so grateful for each and every beloved friend who has encouraged us on this adventure! I am also grateful that while we are physically leaving one loved community, we are also being welcomed with open arms by another.

The Great Loop community is incredible - and we’ve only been part of it since this past Fall. We joined the America‘s Great Loop Cruisers Association (AGLCA) to learn more about the Loop when we were in our planning stage. We became Harbor Hosts for Chattanooga - which means we served as a resource for Loopers who were visiting town. We were invited to “docktails” by the very first Loopers we met! We’ve had Loopers over to the house for dinner, laundry, showers, helped with grocery runs and shared our wonderful city. We’ve since followed the Loop journeys of many of the friends we met during that time via blogs, texts and of course Instagram. It’s lovely to see a glimpse of things to come for us through their experiences.

To the friends we are leaving behind - we aren’t letting you go and look forward to keeping in touch and having you join us along the way!

To our Loop friends and the ones to come - we cannot get south fast enough and look forward to having our paths cross again!

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