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How We Decided to Do the Great Loop

By mid 2021 I really needed something to look forward to. Bruce and I had talked about doing the Great Loop "someday" but in the summer of 2021 I ordered a book about it. I decided that this trip of a lifetime would take a lot of planning and time to get ready so why not start now. When Bruce saw me reading the book, he was pretty excited and we started talking about timelines. First we thought we'd do it in 4 years, then 2 years. Then he asked, is there anything keeping us from going in 2022? Friends - at the time - 2022 was six months away. We had just bought a new car and we had a pontoon boat, not a loop worthy boat! A lot happened in the next few months - we joined the America's Great Loop Cruiser's Association, became Harbor Hosts for the AGLCA in Chattanooga, made Looper friends, found Currently our Ranger Tug in Cape Coral, Florida, and got her to Tennessee, Bruce has become an amateur diesel mechanic and I've handled a lot of logistics. We've both put hours on the boat at the helm and are just about ready to head out on our adventure. As I write this, we are planning on leaving in 2 weeks, with the weather's cooperation. So excited you are joining us on our adventure!

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