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Things I've Learned - Week 2

  1. No internet is as good as home internet, especially our gig internet in Chattanooga.

  2. Gluten free Oreos are also vegan. (Hallelujah Chorus Anyone?)

  3. I really need coffee in the morning.

So, we've had two days/nights of anchoring this week. It is beautiful - I haven't seen the Milky Way in years and it's still as stunning as it was when I was a child. Anchoring is also a bit like camping. Maybe glamping. But camping and I aren't really fast friends...yet.

Today was the hardest day on the Loop for me. We woke up with a full day at anchor, a great day of possibility to get some much needed video and podcast editing work done, to not have to hurriedly cook for us and the dog.... and my computer was mostly dead and the power for the outlets didn't come on and Nebo (our tracking app wasn't working.) So my day of possibility is suddenly a long day of not much except listening to videos on boat power management and asking for help. Hello PB&J for breakfast, and maybe lunch and probably dinner too. Kombucha and and EmergenC but no hot coffee. I did have PB&J for breakfast, but managed to make a veggie sandwich with a side of hummus and crackers for lunch.

Bruce went to a nearby boat to help put on an alternator belt. I stayed on Currently with Emmy. It was boring. I couldn't settle down. It was perfect moment to savor a day of nothing, to crawl into bed and read my book, to read a devotional, to journal, and I just couldn't settle down. I don't like stillness. I sat in the sun for a bit. I pet the dog. I wiped down the cabin floor. It felt utterly inefficient.

One of the phrases I heard in our small group at church at some point in the past is "the pace of love" and I've really been mulling that over lately. Our usual days are full but slow in our boat - we probably average around 8-9 mph. It takes a LONG time to get anywhere at that pace! One of the things I am learning with this trip is slowness and it's really hard for me. But clearly it's needed. Bruce and I are spending lovely time together - talking, planning, working, listening to podcasts, enjoying silence together. The pace of love. We've met wonderful people, shared time on each other's boats having conversations about home and life. The pace of love. Our old dog sleeps in the aisle of the cabin or at the foot of our bed and we are spending every waking minute of her olden days with her. The pace of love. I wonder how I will change in the slowness of the days.

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2 Kommentare

Stephen Garrison
29. Jan. 2022

Maggie, this is lovely.

Gefällt mir
Maggie Tate
Maggie Tate
01. Feb. 2022
Antwort an

Thank you!!

Gefällt mir
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