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Things I've Learned - Week 6

Time flies - fun or not!

  1. I've used 1-ply toilet paper for 6 weeks and I automatically now put it in the bucket behind the commode.

  2. A $200 no see-um grade mosquito net is a bit redneck but works as well as a $6K enclosure.

  3. You can fit a lot of stuff in a Saturn Raft 12 foot Kaboat - including me, Bruce, the dog, and all the supplies for an oil change including 3 jugs of oil OR me, Bruce, the dog and a whole pack of groceries from Winn Dixie.

  4. I'm still not friends with humidity, but camping and I are getting along better.

  5. Florida is huge and has a billion different cultures - small fishing boats to enormous yachts, laid back lovely Apalachicola to high rent stylish Naples to gators and pythons in the Everglades and that's barely scratching the surface.

  6. I still love meeting new people.

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1 comentario

Patricia Diviney
27 feb 2022

Sounds like you are adapting really well. I have to just giggle when I read your “Things I’ve learned”. You are both looking more like seasoned boaters by the day.

Me gusta
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