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Currently The Boat

Adventures on America's Great Loop in a Ranger Tug R-29

We spent 9 months in 2022 cruising America's Great Loop in a 2014 Ranger Tug R-29.
We are now launching a book about the journey - come along with us!

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Hanging out in Pensacola

We left Gulf Shores, AL and spent an incredible day on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GICW) - with views of sparkling sun and gorgeous...

Things I've Learned - Week 2

No internet is as good as home internet, especially our gig internet in Chattanooga. Gluten free Oreos are also vegan. (Hallelujah Chorus...


We had intended to practice anchoring with Currently several times but the weather never cooperated or I got cold feet. My only...

Locking Through

Our first day's run took us further down the Tennessee River than we'd ever been before. The Crimson streaks of the sunrise lit our way...


As our daughers were in elementary school, we moved about five miles across town to downsize. The new home had one feature that stood out...

Q&A About Boating

I've had several friends ask some really good questions! I thought I'd share the questions and answers here. Feel free to ask other...

Things I’ve Learned - Week 1

1. We might need a larger French press. 2. You *can* check a coin operating dryer mid cycle. 3. Dogs can hold it a lot longer than...


Looking at the placid river you'd never know it's is running fast. The Chickamauga Dam is releasing at over 60,000 cubic feet per...


I can't tell you exactly when we lost control. The boat was not new, but it was new to us; it had plenty of scratches and dents, but few...

Saying Goodbye

Oh our friends showed up in a big way for us these last few weeks. From masked gatherings to zoom prayers to packing boxes and loading...

How We Decided to Do the Great Loop

By mid 2021 I really needed something to look forward to. Bruce and I had talked about doing the Great Loop "someday" but in the summer...

Naming the Boat

Every ship has a soul, and every boat owner has an innate, perhaps futile, desire to capture the essence of it with a name. The whole...

Leaving Before I've Left

One of the things I wasn’t prepared for was the physical and emotional leaving before we actually left. I’m already halfway gone. We...

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